28 March 2014

A milestone

Draw that Beast has just clocked over 30,000 unique visitors! While the internet is vast and full of ideas that get thrown around and lost, this little idea has been steadfastly spreading. It is amazing to think that a random thought bubble of mine has transformed into something so touching in the hands of other fellow sufferers of depression.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their beasts so far and, as always, anyone is welcome to submit theirs at drawthatbeast(at)gmail.com

Lady of the Beast

13 December 2013


Pray some more
Try this pill

Find your joy

Must be God’s will

Pick yourself up

Just push through

Make it happen

It’s all on you

Take a class

Make a friend

Distract yourself 

And it will end

Fake a smile

We all get sad

Snap out of it 

Or I’ll get mad

It never stops

I can’t get through

No matter what

I say to you

I have no words

I see no end

And so I walk away

My friend

- Anon -