27 October 2012

Art, Not Apart

Draw that Beast has had a very special out from the virtual world into the real one! It was exhibited for the first time in the Art, Not Apart festival.  This was a great opportunity to raise awareness of depression as well as spread the word about the project.

The Lady of the Beast would like to thank the organisers for pulling things together on the day.

22 June 2012

Silent Birds

"Silent birds floating 
floating in the wind 
calls me to play"

24 May 2012

Draw that Beast makes the grade

The Lady of the Beast is excited to note that DtB is one of the Top 18 Depression Blogs of 2012. The list was compiled by Healthline and here's what they had to say:

"A unique and inspiring site, Draw That Beast brings depression into a whole new light for the blogosphere: that of art. Dedicated to exploring the emotions, meaning, and stigma of depression through imagery and visualization, Draw That Beast has helped readers and artists alike make a masterpiece out of misery.

"The creativity, depth of feeling, community connection, and exploration of sensitive mental health topics makes this blog a fascinating and inventive tribute to the beauty and significance of individuals’ struggles to understand depression and their place in the world. A fabulous find"
This project wouldn't exist without the trust and imagination of all those who contribute their beast. So thank you all once again!

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