23 August 2011


*** Update: Well, Liptember is over and what a month is was. Who knew there was so much work involved in being well-groomed! After a month of looking fabulous though, the Lady of the Beast can return to her usual casual lip balm self.

A big THANK YOU to all those who sponsored me during Liptember. Together we raised $AUD280 for mental health. An excellent outcome!


Every year, the Lady of the Beast financially supports Movember - a charity drive that encourages men to grow beards and ugly moustaches to raise money for organisations addressing mens health issues, including depression. But as a pre-menopausal woman with stable hormones, there's not much chance that the Lady of the Beast can join in the bearded fun any time soon.

But now there's another way to get involved! Liptember asks women to wear lipstick all day every day throughout September while other people sponsor them to do so. Money raised from sponsorship will go directly to the Centre for Women's Mental Health and Lifeline Australia, a crisis support hotline.

Looking hot and raising money and awareness for mental health - what's not to love!?

So please check out this worthwhile cause and, if you've got a spare dollar or maybe even two, sponsor the Lady of the Beast to be her most fabulous best in Liptember :)


Meagan (aka Lady of the Beast)