27 July 2011

Draw that Beast turns one!

First of all, some serious apologies to Alice Carroll for adding truly dreadful photoshopping to her beautiful logo but it had to be done because Draw that Beast has turned one! :)

This past year has been fascinating and heartening. I am continually humbled by the courage of people to trust me - a virtual stranger - with such highly personal glimpses behind the masks they wear everyday. That trust has allowed this project to become a place of insight and understanding into a common but often unreported condition. So a big thanks to all you brave souls out there - you know who you are!

While this is a project about depression, I find it to be ultimately uplifting and I hope you do too. I see in the comments and emails a sense of connection among people where they may have otherwise felt isolation. Honesty encourages connection.

So onwards we go, further into the journey. As always, feel free to add your beast to the rogues gallery by emailing it to: