28 July 2010


The only limits to submitting to this blog are the boundaries of human imagination. You are free to draw, paint, make a montage or take a photo. Or, if you have an another idea for a medium, then feel free to use that too!

Although this is largely a visual project, I am not anti words. If words fit better, then you are welcome to use them too. I only ask you ensure the work you are submitting is original and free of copyright.

You are also free to submit multiple works. Depression is not one-dimensional so it is understandable if you have more than one image in mind.

This is an anonymous art project. This rule decreases self-censure and maintains the right of the poster to choose whom they disclose their condition to in real life.

Finally, this is not an artistic competition. I’m asking for honesty and not your ability or inability to draw. If you can’t draw, then make a montage of images or write a descriptive paragraph.

So start creating! And when you're done, please send your work my way (preferably in .jpg format): drawthatbeast (at) gmail.com


  1. I once made a ceramic dolphin. On one side it was beautiful and pure - on the other there was a big hole showing the ribs and blood. I threw it out a few months ago wanting to forget that I have lived with depression for almost 20 years. Sometimes words don't work for me - so I used to create. You have inspired me to create again.

  2. Thanks Sumodew, that is a massive compliment to the project! I hope creating helps you with your battles and gives a positive outlet. All the best, Meagan.

  3. Hope you don't mind I'm submitting a poem I wrote earlier this yr...wasn't having the best time but others may relate I'm sure:)

    Hitting the Wall...

    So body conscious
    Why do you give yourself such a hard time
    So hard that its a form of hatred being the way you are.

    Accepting of others but not of yourself
    Why has your body become all that you are and to be, to be for happiness.

    An unrelentless need for you to feel beautiful, to make your mind be seen.
    You can only be embraced by a body beautiful by the others of that you accept.
    All the things I am seem nothing as the skin that covers it, its not what I want it to be.

    My mind is so intelligent it outsmarts my knowledge and uses it for self loathing and destruction,
    even as I write this every facet of my thought is aware and awake but neither one can choose one over the other.
    Like your favourite pair of jeans, do you throw them out, keep them or just put them back in the cupboard undecided!

    I'm back in the cupboard, I can't decide.

    I need to fight harder, everyday life takes the fight out of me little by little and I stay in the cupboad.
    I don't want to be there but the more I try to fight I realise the fight is so much bigger and it scares me to feel this broken.
    I'm just so fuckin tired thats all I am these days.

    I sleep alone, I wake alone, I walk alone, my mind is alone, my body alone...I am lonely here

    I don't know what I'm doing here...I don't want to be here..Please help me