14 April 2011


I have had a flurry of beastly descriptions from people after Draw that Beast was linked somewhere. I'll post the all the descriptions as a stream of thought.

Remember folks, you're always welcome to get visual and email me pictures/photos/montages/drawings/etc. Release the beasts! As always, it's drawthatbeast(at)gmail.com


"Mine looks like a big black mess" - Anon -

"Me with an 'I told you so' smug expression" - Anon -

Mine is a dimly lit space with no sides but no way out" - Anon -

A black swirling mass with a frail shrieking creature in the direct center of it" - Anon -

Grey water, with the surface out of reach" - Anon -

A big, horrible black storm cloud that wont go away" - Anon -

A very dark, thick blanket" - Anon -

A glass vase filled with question marks" - Anon -

Something out of a horror film- a dark cold scarey fog with a mocking demon that throws insults at you to keep you a prisoner" - Anon -

"Me as a child" - Anon -

Mine is a crying dark angel who has rapped its wings around himself to shut out the world" - Anon -

A big thumb pushing me down into the ground" - Anon -

"I see depression as a dark grey cloud - ominous, heavy, sticky and bleak. I can taste it's unpleasant features, feel it's vice like grip. At times it's a monster chasing me through the woods that have no end, over a cliff that has no bottom. It can be scary and ugly, frightening and yet challenging. Depending on what level or form of depression I have I feel like sometimes I can dance with it, play with it, wrap myself up in the cloud and burst the seams with colour and vibrancy - energy far more powerful than the depression. I can feel sorry for it and dialogue with it, make poetry to help it through its dark days. Depression is a friend not a foe. It's hard hard work but when you win it's love it is left with only the name and human meaning of 'depression'. Om shanti" - Anon -


  1. Great site and I'm glad I stumbled onto this.

    Integrating art with mental health is a great form of catharsis for some. It's such a useful tool that I sometimes use it with my own clients and even myself.

    Some people are just called to express themselves and by not doing so can really give one a sense of being empty.

    Good read!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, David.